About us

AIP Sp. z o.o. was established in 1991. All shares in the Company are in the hands of the Kamusiński family who have lived and worked in Australia for 20 years.

At the moment the Company has two Branches:  The history of the Gliwice Plant can be traced back around 150 years. In the past the Plant was a part of today’s Wire Factory in Gliwice.  We are currently employing around 90 persons.

We are the manufacturer of  high-quality technical round link chains.
Our chains are manufactured according to Polish Standards like PN-75/M 84540, PN-75/M 84541 and PN-G-46701, being the equivalents of German Standards like DIN 766, DIN 764, DIN 763, DIN 22252 and others. We produce above 3000 ton of chain yearly.

 Our offer includes chains with a broad variety of applications, e.g. in branches such as:
On demand, chains can be produced according to customer’s specification. The quality of our products is confirmed by ISO 9001:2008 certificate and Central Mining Institute certificates.

More than 30% of our products are exported to clients in eight European countries.

The Łódź Branch of AIP – Tooling and Mould Plant, is an experienced manufacturer of tooling for die casting of metals, specialized tooling and injection moulds for plastics and rubber. 

The clients of the Tooling and Mould Plant include large, international manufacturers of components for the automotive industry. The manufacturers of household appliances and Poland’s leading cash register manufacturers are also major clients of our Plant. Currently the Plant employs 60 persons.

For more than 20 years AIP Sp. z o.o. has been building the clients’ confidence and trust which are the key values for our Company.

 We are looking forward to working with you.